Triple Eh!™ - AAA weed for Canadians, eh!

Weed for
Canadians, eh.

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Hey there bud how's it goin', eh?

We're Triple Eh!™, and we bring you the most 'eh-mazing' AAA weed for a fair price.

We're not like those pesky grocery stores or gas stations, or that dreaded tax season, eh.

Nope not us.

We're all about fair deals and some good ol' Canadian AAA weed.

We could chat all day but Uncle Bobby says we yak too much but hey, it's just good ol' campfire chatter.

Anyway, quit dilly-dallying! Start checkin' out our AAA weed, for the love of maple syrup!

Oh, and if you need to brush up on "Oh, Canada," you  you can do so here, eh.

Cheers, bud!

Triple Eh!™ Logo White

Product Selection


Triple Eh!™ Weed Twoonie Pre Rolls


🇨🇦 AAA


2 x 1g

18-24% THC

Double the fun, eh! Triple Eh!'s "Twoonie" pack serves up the ultimate Canadian experience!

You'll snag two 1-gram joints, one sativa and one indica. These hand-crafted beauties are stuffed to the brim with AAA weed. Share 'em with a buddy or keep 'em both for yourself – either way, you'll be feelin' as Canadian as a beaver in a flannel suit, eh? 🍁🇨🇦🌿

Available Now!

Triple Eh!™ Hat-Trick Bubble Hash Infused Joints



🔥Bubble Hash


30-35% THC

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to score big?

With 3 x 0.5g Bubble Hash-infused joints, each puff is a winning cheer of 'EH!' Crafted from AAA weed and outdoor Bubble Hash, it's the perfect blend of flavour and kick.

Grab your Hat-Trick now and get ready for the thrill of scoring big, eh? 🏒🍁🥅

Available Now!

Triple Eh!™ Group Of 7 Joints

Group Of 7

🇨🇦 AAA


7 x 0.5g

18-24% THC

Well, hold onto your toques! We've got a piece of history that'll make you as proud as a beaver building a dam. It's The Group of 7 Triple Eh!™.

Just picture those famous landscapes painted by Canada's most renowned artists... We're talkin' about the breathtaking scenes in Algonquin Park. Now, grab our 7-pack of 0.5g joints as your ultimate companion on all your Canadian escapades.

It's like having a little piece of Canadian art with you wherever you go 🎨🇨🇦🍁

Coming March 2024.

Triple Eh!™ The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes

🇨🇦 AAA


5 x 1g

18-24% THC

What's the scoop, eh? Ever wonder what Lake Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario have in common? Well, now they all have their very own pre-rolls!

So, the next time you find yourself lakeside with a double-double Timmies brew in hand, make sure to snag a Great Lakes 5-pack of AAA 1-gram pre-rolls. Round up your buddies, and let's have a proper session bud 🏞️🍁🍩

Coming soon to Ontario.

Triple Eh!™ Loonie Bubble Hash Infused

Loonie Infused

🇨🇦 AAA

🔥 Bubble Hash

1 x 1g

30-35% THC

Behold the Triple Eh!™ Loonie Bubble Hash Infused joint. It's the true Canadian masterpiece, eh?

This beauty brings together AAA weed and a burst of bubble hash so tasty, it'll have you hollerin' "Eh!" with pure joy.

It's the ideal toke for any weed-lovin' Canadian, lookin' for a real good kick! 🏒🌿🍁

Pitter-patter, let's get at 'er, eh?

Coming soon to Ontario.

About Triple Eh!™

At Triple Eh!™, we're all aboot embracin' the true essence of Canadiana and celebratin' the fun-loving Canadian spirit, eh. We hand-select AAA high-quality weed for every lot, makin' sure our customers get classic Canadian cannabis at good ol' Canadian prices.

We're rooted right in the heart of Ontario, our brand's practically got a maple leaf tattoo, and it's burstin' with love for all things Canadian.

Triple Eh!™ products are handcrafted by the PINNRZ™ crew in Vaughan, Ontario. 🇨🇦🌿🍁

Only 222 days until Canada Day!